Blackberry Mint 6-pack
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Blackberry Mint 6-pack

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Ingredients: carbonated water, blackberry puree, organic cane sugar, organic spearmint, gum arabic, citric acid & spearmint essential oil.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, popular soda  fountains would serve drinks called ‘crushes’ that used real fruit  muddled in soda water. Using only 100% fruit in puree-form, we’re  bringing back an authentic and amazingly refreshing natural soda/juice  hybrid. A great beverage to enjoy on its own or mix with your favorite  spirit. Real blackberries and marionberry varieties sorted and washed  in Oregon and organic spearmint for a healthy and nutritious beverage  that sparkles and shines.

Squamish Legend “Raven, the Brave Warrior”- Raven’s sisters needed  someone strong to paddle the canoe to reach an area to pick  blackberries. When they reached that place, Raven lazily offered to  watch the canoe and any blackberries they store on the canoe while they  picked more. He grew hungry and ended up eating most of the blackberries  while his sisters were gone.  He then squeezed the juices of the rest of the  berries on himself to pretend an enemy attacked him and took all of the  gathered fruit.