Lemon Lime Lavender 6-pack
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Lemon Lime Lavender 6-pack

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Sugar Free. Ingredients: carbonated water, raw honey, organic lemon juice, organic lime juice, gum arabic, citric acid, lavender essential oil.

Organic lemon peel, lime and lemon juice, with a subtle kiss of  lavender and natural honey, it’s the perfect refreshing beverage to  enjoy on a mountain trail or mowing the lawn. In winter, serve warm for a  reminder of sunshine. Jade has grown up and worked around Utah’s  lavender fields his whole life, the idea began with using real  lavender essential-oil from Mona and raw honey from Mapleton for a  refreshing take on a light citrus beverage. Blends well with local gin  for a surreal adult libation. 

Ute “Creation Story”- The Creator was a wolf who tasked his younger  brother, the Coyote, to carry a bag on a journey to the sacred grounds.  Consumed with curiosity, Coyote tears the bag slightly, and many twigs  fell out which began speaking different languages. Only a few twigs  remained in the bag which were brought to the sacred grounds and were  described to be the chosen people of the Utes.